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NORA Updates Technical Training Website

- 10:18 am - December 1st, 2017

nora_learning_x300w.jpgThe National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) has released an updated version of its online education website, provides tens of thousands of oilheat technicians a source for online video courses, NORA certification and continuing education credentials and other valuable education resources. The site, launched in 2015, has been relaunched with an updated, faster and more user friendly design.

Users will find access to their account information and other resources displayed on the home page in easy to see and understand "quick link" tiles. Each tile brings the user to the information of choice. NORA will be adding tiles as more features to the site become available. 

With just one click, a technician may find a list of all their NORA certifications and CEU courses, regardless of where the courses were taken, along with a quick link to download their credentials. Another quick link tile goes directly to the user's profile for easy reference or editing. Other tiles go to: the NORA store, Certification upgrades and renewals, NORA news, the Silver Certification Review, a CEU count and more. 

The popular NORA online Video courses are also accessible from the home page and offer more than 20 courses crediting 2 CEUs each.

NORA encourages all oilheat technicians to have an account.The site is free as it is fully funded by the NORA assessment fees.

John Huber, NORA president, said, "It is NORA's specific mission to provide quality, easily accessible technical education and training to the industry. does just that."

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