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New York State Enacts Low-Carbon Heating Fuel Law

Governor Hochul signs bill requiring heating oil to contain 20% biodiesel

PriMedia Launches Industry-Wide Planning Calendar

PriMedia is proud to announce the launch of, a free, interactive, cloud-based calendar that lists virtually all e…

Compilation Report on Biodiesel Blends in Home Heating Released

B20 to B100 Blends as Heating Fuels is the title of the newly released report from Brookhaven National Laboratory. The report ha…

Celebrate Women in Energy!

ESEA is a proud supporter of the Women in Energy association – as such, we’re happy to share an upcoming special event hosted by…

Welcome, Braymer Fuels!

ESEA would like to welcome our newest member, Braymer Fuels. Braymer Fuels is a locally based, family run oil company that has b…

A Letter From ESEA

The Empire State Energy Association has recently learned that a local news outlet in New York City has uncovered certain fuel de…

NORA Updates Technical Training Website

The National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) has released an updated version of its online education website,

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