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ESEA’s Political Action Committee (ESPAC) Needs Your HELP!

ESPAC is a critical part of ESEA's efforts to advocate on behalf of the liquid fuels industry in New York. As you know, the liquid fuels industry must continue its fight to survive in an increasingly hostile political environment where many advocate for the complete elimination of liquid fuels. It is critical to support elected officials who understand our industry and demonstrate a willingness to engage on issues that matter to our members.

The liquid fuels industry has been delivering cleaner burning fuels to our customers and advocating for affirmative policy to establish higher biomass-based renewable liquid fuel blends in the state. We recently worked with legislators interested in pursuing sensible policies to pass a new law establishing a statewide biodiesel blend requirement at a minimum of 20% by 2030, but we must do more. Our pledge to continue to increase our renewable liquid fuels including B50 and to net-zero emissions, consistent with the industry's Providence Resolution, will not be enough if the state decides that it prefers to shut us down.

Unfortunately, groups opposed to the fossil fuels industry advocate for policies that would significantly harm our industry and rob consumers of choice. In addition, we face a unique challenge in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) - an expansive law passed several years ago that requires the state to achieve emission reduction goals of 40% by 2030 and 85% by 2050. It required the development of a Scoping Plan - released in December of 2022 - that suggested pathways that would phase out fossil fuels (natural gas, heating oil, propane, gasoline, and diesel fuel) and transition towards the electrification of all sectors.

Our advocacy efforts are particularly critical in this environment. Contributing to ESPAC allows us to support candidates and elected officials who understand our industry and advocate for sensible policy. And it increases the visibility of our industry in the political realm as we push back against well-funded advocacy groups who oppose our agenda - and even our continued existence.

Make your personal or corporate contribution to ESPAC today! Thank you in advance for your support for ESEA and its advocacy efforts. We cannot be successful without your support.

Mail payments to: ESPAC, C/O ESEA, Inc., 250 Jordan Rd., Troy, NY 12180

Political Action Committees:
State law requires ESPAC to report its activities to the Board of Elections. Contributions to ESPAC are not tax deductible. State law allows a corporation or LLC to make up to a total of $5,000 in political contributions in the aggregate per year. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the laws and regulations related to political contributions.

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