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Associate B Membership Application

To obtain a full information packet fill out the form below and hit submit at the bottom of the page. The packet will include an application, several copies of our bi-weekly Member Letter, our annual ESEA Magazine, our membership brochure, and a dues schedule.

Associate membership "B" otherwise designated as "Sponsor Supplier or Wholesale Distributor", is a producer-refiner and/or wholesale distributor of petroleum products, and any other classification that the Board of Directors may from time to time make with respect to this category of membership. It is further noted that the gallonage figures listed under the Associate membership "B" categories has nothing to do with the gallonage of their owned retail subsidiaries.

For those in the Associate Membership "B" category with sales of petroleum products in the State of New York - you will be entitled to a listing in the Membership Directory as an Associate "B" member of ESEA, and all regularly issued communications and publication of the Empire State Energy Association sent on a regular basis to members.

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