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Is Bioheat® Fuel Eco-Friendly?

Many home and business owners want to do their part to preserve the environment and prevent climate change, and home heating is an important consideration. Here is a look at how Bioheat® Fuel affects our planet.


Slowing Climate Change & Reducing Air Pollution




Bioheat® fuel produces very low emissions, particularly when burned with a high-efficiency heating system. New Yorkers can take comfort in knowing that all of our state’s heating oil is now ultra-low sulfur Bioheat® fuel, which replaces conventional petroleum with biodiesel made from renewable resources like soybean oil. Biodiesel reduces carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 73% and reduces particulate matter emissions by 85%, delivering immediate air quality improvements for all New Yorkers.



The biodiesel in Bioheat® fuel is considered a renewable fuel under the U.S. Department of Energy’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). All fuels in this program have been certified to reduce carbon emissions by at least 50%. Additionally, the ASTM has approved Bioheat® fuel for use in all heating oil appliances. Bioheat® fuel is currently sold at different blend levels: B5 contains 5 percent biodiesel, B10 contains 10 percent biodiesel, and so on.

As of July 1, 2022, New York State requires all heating oil sold in the state to contain a minimum of 5 percent biodiesel. This minimum blend increases to 10 percent on July 1, 2025 and 20 percent on July 1, 2030. However, some heating fuel dealers are already selling blends of B20 and higher.

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